Why You Should Go On The Icy Strait Ziprider

The zip line in Icy Strait is one of the most popular excursions on offer here.  My ship docked in Icy Strait about 15 times over 3 months and if I’m honest with you, there is not a lot to do in Ice Strait apart from hiking, so this was a different kind of activity than what I was used to doing here. 

This zip line stretches 5,495 feet long and 1,320 feet high.  The top speed that has been recorded is 65mph which is pretty insane.  There are 6 cables side by side, so if a big group of you go, you can all zip down together and have a race, which is pretty cool.

The journey to the start of the zip line is 6 miles and takes about 20 minutes. As it’s going up the side of a mountain your ears will most likely pop.   As the bus climbs the mountain the view of Icy Strait Point is amazing and whatever cruise ship you are on, it will start to look tiny. 

The bus will drop you off at the peak and then you will take a 10-minute walk to the start of the zip line.  It’s a nice little walk downhill through the trees. When you get to the hub you will be greeted by a few guys who will help you put the harness on. We waited for about 2 minutes for the people in front of us to go down and watched how they screamed and threw their hands in the air. 

We stepped up on the platform and my heart started to beat hard as we were so high up.  We were given goggles to protect our eyes from the strong winds as you flew down.  Once we were all clicked in, we were counted down and then pushed off the side. I immediately felt amazing, like a bird. So free. I did exactly the same as the people before us, and flung my hands above my head and screamed as loud as I could.  My speed kept increasing. It was 90 seconds of pure adrenaline. When coming down, the view was an incredible sight, the still waters and the ships on the horizon.  Also, when I was zipping down I could see a school of whales in the sea, which just added to the amazing experience. I felt so refreshed when I reached the bottom.  My hair was a complete mess but I didn’t care. 

I was helped out of my harness and then pointed to a wooden hut just to the left of where I landed.  Inside were pictures of all the exhilarated faces that had just come down the zip line. 

If you are in Icy Strait and you don’t fancy a hike, then this is a brilliant alternative.  A bit of excitement, to kick your day off.

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