Why you need to be using heat protectant

What is a heat protectant?
A liquid or gel that will give a protective layer to the hair.

What is heat protectant supposed to do?
Protect the hair from being burnt when using hair dryers, strainers and curling wand’s.
Seals in smoothness and shine.
Some may soften the hair
Adds a nice smell to the hair
Hydrates the hair

How should I apply heat protectant?
The heat protectant you use will most likely have directions on the back but for the most part, the best way I find is after washing the hair, dab it dry with a towel to get most of the water out of the hair. then squirt a few pumps into the hands and run it through the ends of the hair. leave for 5 minutes for it to settle in and then go ahead and blow dry.

I normally let my hair dry naturally if I have time but I will still put the heat protectant in whilst the hair is wet so when I go to style it late the heat protectant is already in the hair. sometimes I will add a little more depending on what I’m doing to my hair.

When to use a heat protectant
At least 5 minutes before applying heat to the hair.


What heat protectant do I need for my hair type

Normal hair – GHD Heat Protect Spray with UV protection
Oily hair – Living Proof Restore Perfecting Spray
Dry hair – Kèratase Nectar Thermique
Brittle hair – Redken extreme anti- snap
Frizzy hair- Oribe run through detangling primer
Curly hair – Mielle Orhanics Mongongo oil thermal and heat protectant spray.

Do I need to use a heat protectant?
I would definitely recommend using one, especially if you dye your hair or use heat on your hair regularly.

It will help to keep it looking and feeling healthy.

What I’m using
Moroccan oil and Redken extreme anti-snap, as I use a lot of heat on my hair and have it coloured.

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