Why should I use eye cream?

What is an eye cream?
An eye cream is exactly what it says, its a gel, cream or oil specifically for the skin around the eye.

What is an eye cream supposed to do?
An eye cream is meant to rehydrate and moisturise the eye area. Unlike the rest of our body, the skin around the eye doesn’t have pores so we have no sebum to protect this skin which is why it ages first. The only way to protect the eye area is to hydrate and moisturise the skin externally.


How should I apply eye cream?
Apply a pea-sized amount onto the ring fingers and gently tap it into the skin around the eye. The tapping motion will increase blood circulation which increases absorption. Then use the ring fingers to circle the eyes. Starting close to the tear duct, move outwards over the brow and in towards the nose when under the eye. This will push any build up of toxins in toward the lymph nodes and reduce puffiness and dark circles.





What eye cream do I need?
Age 15-23 use a gel based or water based cream because it is lighter and just meant to hydrate.
Age 23- 35 use oil-based or cream based. Something that targets lines, brightening and hydration.
Age 35 and over can use a more heavy duty cream that targets pigmentation and age spots as well as the above.
Prevention is better than cure. Another wonderful way to prevent dehydration of the eyes is wearing sunglasses.



Do I need to use eye cream?
Yes, it is advised not to use a normal face moisturiser on this skin because it is too rich and the molecules are too big for this delicate skin to absorb.


The most common ingredients in eye creams
Caffeine- Stimulates blood circulation.
Vitamin E- hydrates the eye area.
Avocado oil- hydrates the eye area.
Vitamin C- brightens the eye area.
Hyaluronic acid- retains moisture.



Things to look out for.
After starting to use a new eye cream you can develop little with bumps. If this happens it means the cream is too rich for you and you should stop using the cream immediately and switch to a lighter one. These bumps can take up to 6 months to disappear.


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