What to pack for The Steiner Academy

Packing for the Steiner Training Academy is a tricky task as you don’t know where you will be going after completing training. You could be going to Adelaide or Alaska, Israel or Iceland.


Things I recommend for your time at the Steiner Training Academy.
At the training academy, you will wear your uniform 6 days a week.  You are expected to wear white shoes and you are allowed to wear a black cardigan. I would suggest getting a comfortable pair of white shoes and a quality black cardigan that will last you your whole contract.


Things you will most likely only need whilst you’re in training
A light raincoat
Mirror (link to living at the YMCA post)
Shower shoes
White apron (how to keep uniform white)
Comfortable white shoes to go with the training uniform



For your 9 month contract aboard the Cruise Ship
USE A SUITCASE THAT FOLDS AWAY- There is limited space in the cabin.  You will be sharing on board, so being able to put your case into the small gap under the bed will really help maximise space. (link to a foldaway suitcase)

Most important Items
Medical certificate
Vaccination booklet / Proof of vaccinations
Employment contract
Flight details
Bank cards, Bank information
Driving licence (2nd form of ID)
Alarm clock
The equivalent of about $150 cash in whatever currency your ship uses.
Medicines – If you take any medication regularly, take this with you, along with a doctors note explaining why you need the medication. (If applicable.)
Food intolerance documents (If applicable.)


For working in the spa
Comfortable black shoes
Black cardigan
Black Vest
Good quality socks
Red lipstick
Hair doughnut
Fob watch
Notebook and pen, highlighter


For your cabin
A shoe holder (link)
A padlock
Universal adapter
A power bar
Magnets to hang printed pictures on the wall
Family photo’s
Laundry bag
A single quilt cover to make the cabin feel more homely. 

Formal nights
A dress that comes below the knee, that doesn’t reveal cleavage and covers the shoulders.
4-inch heels or smart dolly shoes.

Days off the ship
This is the tricky bit because when you pack, you don’t know where in the world you will be going, so just to be safe, pack for all weather.

Underwear – Comfy everyday bra, going out bra, sports bra. At least 14 pants, 14 socks and tights.
Tops – Both Warm and light material. About 4-8
Bottoms – Jeans, leggings, comfy trousers, shorts and skirts
Jackets – Both warm and light material. 2 hoodies as the ship can get cold due to the A/C
Dress – ‘Formal night’ dress, day dresses
Shoes – work shoes, trainers, sandals,
Bags – beach bag, going out bag, backpack
Clothes you would ‘chill’ in.
Gym wear.
Swimwear – Bikinis, sarongs

Nights in the crew bar
Some people go to the crew bar in there pyjamas and some people go really dressed up, so I think the best way to judge it is to ask yourself, “What would I wear for an early evening drink with my friends at the local pub”?  For me, that’s jeans and a nice top, so that’s what I would usually wear to go to the crew bar. 

I took my Laptop, Ipad, Phone and iPod. Make sure you have travel insurance for your gadgets.
Phone & charger
Ipad &charger
Laptop & charger
Hard drive & memory stick
Battery powered alarm clock



Sun cream, moisturiser, after-sun
Shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, body wash, hand soap
Shaving cream, razor
Hair mask & oil- The ship water dries out the hair.
Earplugs, in case your new roommate snores
Brush, Comb, nail clippers, nail file
Toothbrush/ toothpaste
All Skincare – The ship is constantly air conditioned which really dries the skin out.
Deodorant & perfume
All makeup, and a backup of your fave if you don’t think you will be able to get it whilst you are away.



Curling Wand
Hair bands
Hair grips
Anything you forget to take, you will hopefully be able to buy it in port somewhere or from the shops on the ship.


Things to buy once you are onboard
Laundry detergent
Air freshener for the cabin


Things I wish I’d taken
A portable charger – On my days off I would get off the ship and call my friends and family. Unfortunately, I would only be able to call a few before my phone died and I would have to go and find a plug, so having a charger would have really helped.

A non-see-through laundry bag – I took a net laundry bag with me.  When I would walk to the laundry room I felt everyone was looking at my ‘dirty’s’ because I had a see-through bag.

A power bar  – Only two sockets in the cabin so if you both want to charge multiple things it gets tricky.

Hello, my name is Lucy, welcome to my little space on the internet! Through this blog, I hope to answer all of your crew-life/ cruising questions so, feel free to send me something you would like me to write about. I really hope you find this site useful and enjoyable!
Love Lucy xx

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