What is the Lipid barrier and why we need to start protecting it

What is the lipid barrier
This is a layer on the surface of the skin that keeps free radicals and other harmful things in the environment from being absorbed by the skin and keeps moisture and vitamins locked in the skin.

What is the skin barrier made from? 
The barrier is made up of Skin cells and Lipids. Imagine a brick and mortar structure.  The bricks are the skin cells and the cement is the lipid that holds it all together.

What is a lipid?
A chemical molecule that is not soluble in water.

The lipid is made up of 3 components
Ceramides (skin cells)
Cholesterol – This makes our skin resilient and flexible
Fatty acids


Things that will damage the lipid barrier
Avoid using a foaming cleanser because it will leave your skin feeling tight and squeaky clean. This a bad feeling because you have stripped all the natural moisture. Using a cream cleanser will be better for your protective layer.

Avoid using water that is too hot or too cold. Using water that is close to the skins’ natural temperature will be best. 

Avoid exfoliating too much as this can damage the lipid barrier and lead to dehydration and an increase in of oil production.

Things that will protect and maintain the lipid barrier
Using a low PH cleanser to clean the face.

Using a moisturiser that contains ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids will help to repair the lipid barrier.

Use products without fragrance.

Essential fatty acids are needed by the skin and can be obtained through food. it is important to have a diet filled with EFA’s for good skin cells.  A diet that is deficient in these can cause dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and other health problems. EFA’s are found in vegetable oil, coconut oil, meat, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts and seeds.

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