What are Facial oil’s?

Facial oils can help with almost any skin condition because most of them are packed full of antioxidants and vitamins. For an oil to properly benefit you, it is important to choose the correct oil for your skin. As there are so many different oils on the market like plant oils, fruit oils, mineral oils and essential oils it can be hard to know what to get. Plant oils are full of natural fats and antioxidants. Mineral oils are made from petroleum and generally added to moisturisers to add the emollient factor. Essential oils are the fragrant oils, but these can irritate the skin and make the skin more sensitive to the sun.



Bellow, I have listed the different skin types and the oils that are best suited to that skin.


Oily/ Acne prone skin
The characteristics of this skin are excess shine, large pores, spots, blackheads and sometimes dehydrated. Studies have shown that oily skin contains too much Oleic fatty acid’s. This can make your natural Sebum thick and sticky. You need an oil that is high in Linoleic fatty acids which tend to be a thin consistency and will help to rebalance the skin.


Evening primrose oil– This oil is full of vitamin C and E and helps to reduce inflammation.

Tee tree oil-
Brilliant because it is antiseptic but never use pure tee tree on the skin as it may cause burns.

Lavender oil
– This oil is anti-fungal and antiseptic so great for calming inflamed skin and reducing bacteria growth.

Maracuja oil-
A very light oil so is great for the skin under the eyes. Rich in vitamin C and fatty acids.

Chia seed oil- This oil is a great source of vitamin B3 and zinc which are both great for cleaning out the pores.

Geranium oil
– This oil is a natural astringent that controls sebum production and helps to reduce inflammation.

Grape-seed oil- This oil H
elps with inflammation and is a good spot treatment. This can be drying on the skin which is fine if you have excess oil.

Apricot seed oil
– This oil is lightweight and full of vitamin A, E and Linoleic acid. Also makes a good treatment for eczema.



Sensitive skin
The characteristics of this skin can be itchiness, redness and tightness. You want to stay away from the essential oils as they can irritate the skin and cause more problems than they resolve.


Coconut oil– High in natural fats and is antibacterial. Be cautious about putting it on the skin if you are prone to breakouts.

Sea buckthorn oil
– This oil is soothing, calming and can be used to heal burns. It is rich in antioxidant’s, vitamin C and E.

Avocado oil
– This oil is full of antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins. Has been known to calm itchiness and heal chapped skin.

Chia seed oil
– This oil contains a phenomenal amount of vitamin C and is amazing at retaining moisture and rebuilding the skins natural barrier.

Argan oil- This oil contains vitamin E which helps to retain moisture. Also is good at reducing inflammation.

Flaxseed oil- This oil contains a good amount of omega 3, is anti-inflammatory and has shown that its amazing at helping with eczema.



Dry skin
The characteristics of this skin can be rough, scaly, flaking, chapped and dehydrated. Oils that are high in oleic fatty acids are best for this skin as they seal in the moisture.


Sunflower oil– This oil helps to replenish the Lipid barrier which protects the skin from free radicals.

amellia oil– This oil is rich in antioxidants.

weet almond oil– While this oil is very moisturising it is also excellent at cleaning out the pores and can reverse sun damage.

afflower oil– This oil contains Serimidein and helps the skin retain moisture.

live oil This oil is highly comedogenic so if you are prone to breakouts and clogged pores stay away from this.

Avocado oil
– This oil is high in Oliec acids so will help to re-balance the skin and sustain the skins natural barrier.




Mature ageing skin
The characteristics of this skin can be dull, dry, fine lines and wrinkles.


Rosehip oil- This oil is full of vitamin A, can repair sun damage, good for hyperpigmentation, stretch marks and scars

Carrot seed essential oil- Contains antioxidants that protect against sun damage. It helps to promote cell regeneration and improves the tone of the skin.

ojoba oil– This oil has a very similar consistency to our sebum so is absorbed very fast.

Sandalwood essential oil
– This oil helps to protect the skin cells from UV rays which is primarily what causes ageing. Also, it helps to improve blood circulation.

Marina oil- F
rom the South African Marina tree it is full of antioxidants, very think but absorbed well

rgan Oil– This is from the fruit of the Moroccan tree. Whilst being rich in antioxidants and high in vitamin E, it also helps with cell growth and speeding up cell turnover. The oil contains Oleic acid so is NOT good for Rosacea or breakouts.



Are facial oils expensive?
When it comes to buying products that contain facial oils, you get what you pay for. The cheaper the product the more processed the oils are. However, I find buying oil on its own to be a very inexpensive skin care method. An example, I could buy a pot of Coconut oil for less than £5, as long as it is organic and cold pressed you are good to go. However, buying a face cream containing coconut oil for under £5…  I would be a little sceptical of how natural the Coconut oil is in that product.  If you are on a budget, you may find buying the oil separately and adding a few drops to your face creams and serums a cheaper way to incorporate oils.


When do I apply my facial oil?
in the evening just before applying the moisturiser or instead of your moisturiser. You may find using both makes your skin feel too greasy, depending on the oil.


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