Watching The Sunrise Over Angkor Wat

Found in Siem Reap is the spectacular Angkor Wat Temple which is the largest Temple complex in the world, situated in 50 acres of land. Within the Angkor Wat Temple complex, there are over 50 Temples to see.

One thing that is on most peoples bucket list is to see the sunrise over the Temple. I have been fortunate enough to see many sunrises in my time and this is one that always stands out to me.
When going to watch the sunrise, be sure to be there early to get a front-row seat. I would say around 4.30am, but if you are a photographer aim to be there for 4 am. When looking at the Temple and you can see the reflection in the pond in front of you.  Stand to the left as it is the only place you can see all 5 columns.
Don’t leave early.  Many people left when it got light and didn’t wait to see the orange ball rise above the temple, which is the best part.


Which temples should I see?
As I said, there are over 50 Temples to see in Angkor and while some of you may have the time to see all of it, a lot of people only assign a day to Angkor, which means you have to pick a few things you want to see.  I have made a list of the Temples I think should be on your ‘must-see’ list.

Bayon Temple
Located at Angkor Thom, it is known for the faces carved into all sides of the rock.  There are over 200 face carvings and each so intricate. I could have spent hours looking at them. 

Ta Prohm (The Temple from Tomb Raider)
This temple is known for the Huge tree trunks wrapping around the ruins, and of course, being featured in the film Tomb Raider.  

What to take with you
A reusable water bottle
Tissue’s- Not all the bathrooms have toilet paper.
Comfy shoes
Sun cream
Portable charger
Sun hat

1- day pass ($37)
2- day pass ($62)
3- day pass ($72)

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