Walking To Lower Lake In Jeunue, Alaska

I spent 3 months sailing around Alaska so after 2 months of exploring the towns, climbing the glaciers, and hiking through the famous routes, I was left wondering what to do next. My lack of things to do propelled me to research ‘recommended day activities’ in Skagway which led me to find Lower Dewy Lake.

My friend and I set off early as we didn’t know how long it would take to reach This lake. The hike to the lower lake is a fairly easy route so is perfect for amateur hikers, which is what I would class myself as. 

It took me and my friend about 1 hour to reach the lake.  The incline is very steep so it is important to pace yourself. On the way up towards the lake, amazing views of the town and the ship can be enjoyed.  There are a lot of protruding tree roots that come out of the ground, so be careful where you tread, but the trees flaunt a rainbow of green.  It’s like a spa day for your eyes.

The wildlife to be seen on the walk is fabulous. We saw deer, many rabbits and squirrels, plenty of colourful birds and my friend swears she saw a bear but I’m not convinced.  Anyway, I wouldn’t like to meet a bear on my own in the woods and be shredded to pieces like Leonardo in The Revenant, which by the way, is a great film.

We emerged from beneath the trees and the view of the lake was just stunning.  Calm waters and a slight breeze blowing through my hair.  We had brought a picnic with us, so we found a little flat patch of ground and perched ourselves facing the lake, so we could take in the view while enjoying our sandwiches.  For a long while, we were the only two there.  We were able to enjoy a long moment of bliss, sitting in silence both thinking Our own thought.  By the time we finished our lunch, quite a few people had turned up and were interrupting the solitude with their smartphones and cameras so we headed back down.

The lake is surrounded by trees and is a perfect fishing spot, or if you are looking for some peace and quiet, then you will definitely find it here.  Also, Alaska is well known for its Lakes so it would have been rude to be here and not see at least one of them. 

The time it takes to get there
Allow two hours.  It’s good to take it slow and enjoy the view and also it is very steep, so you’ll need time to catch your breath.

The distance to the lake
0.9 miles.

What to wear
General hiking gear, sturdy shoes and something warm.  You will be warm when walking up, but when by the lake it can be quite windy.

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