Tropic skincare system

I have tried a multitude of skin care brands over the years and one thing that has always stuck out to me, is how a brand can have it so perfect for one person and so wrong for another.  For example, Lancome skincare for me is a dream, but for my best friend, it just does nothing for her.

Tropic is a brand that claims to be all natural and suitable for everyone.  One of the salons I worked in used Tropic skincare, so I got to see how it was with lots of different skins, and I have to say, it did very well. Everyone was always happy with the results, and no one ever had any adverse reactions.

Below is a list of the main range of Tropics Skin Care that I used on my clients, and also some of my favourites.

Eye Refresh
Looking after the eye area is vital because the skin around the eye is pore-less.  This means that there is no sebum secreted to naturally moisturise the skin around the eye, so we have to do it externally.   If you suffer from puffy eyes, then you will love love love this eye serum.

Skin Revive
This invigorating moisturiser contains antioxidant and berry seeds, so its full of the good stuff that your skin can feast on, and the Hyaluronic acid will help keep moisture in the skin all day long.

Face Smooth
This exfoliant contains jojoba oil and avocado butter so keeps your skin hydrated, whilst removing dead skin cells.

Vitamin Toner
This refreshing toner smells heavenly, it is fresh and subtly fruity.  Two sprays over the face will hydrate the skin and revitalise the skin.

Smoothing Cleanser
This beautiful cleanser is fabulous for leaving the skin silky smooth and completely clean.  It struggles to remove stubborn makeup, but as a second cleanse product, it works perfectly.

Bamboo Cloth
A soft antibacterial cloth gently buffs away at dead skin cells to leave you with silky soft skin. This cloth can be used as and when you like. it is an easy way to keep your skin fresh.

Calming Body Wash
This silky body wash contains sweet almond oil and coconut oil, it is a unique shower experience because the blend of these oils will clean the skin without drying it out. this body wash will also leave your skin smelling great for a lot longer than a regular body wash would.

Soothe the Senses body oil
After showering, apply the oil to damp skin to leave you feeling hydrated and silky smooth. With beautiful frangipani and golden everlasting flower fragrances, this oil will leave you smelling beautiful all day long.


This is just a little overview of some of my favourite Tropic’s products and why. Let me know if you have used this brand, and what your favorates are.

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