The foundation of foundation

What is a foundation?
Foundation is a liquid, mousse or powder that aims to even out the complexion of the skin.

What is a foundation supposed to do?
Even out the complexion of the skin.
Conceals flaws in the skin
Can function as an SPF



How should I apply foundation?
The way that best suits you. I used my fingers for years but, then I was introduced to the Real Technique Brush and have used that for about 3 years now. 

The beauty blender/ sponge is a popular method these days. For ages, I was using it dry so consequently couldn’t understand the hype, but after figuring out its meant to be damp, my experience was a lot better but it still didn’t beat my brush.

When using the sponge, you dab the foundation into the face.  When using the brush you should use small circular motions to ensure you cover everywhere, or you can wipe it on using the fingers.

I would always recommend taking the foundation down the neck a little to ensure you can’t see where it stops and starts.



When to use a foundation
There is no right or wrong order when it comes to makeup. Foundation always used to be applied first, but as people are now becoming more experimental with eyeshadow, they are applying the foundation before doing their eye look so, they don’t get any eyeshadow ‘fall out’ in their foundation.

What foundation do I need for my skin type?

Normal/ combination skin
Light coverage- YSL Touche Èclat All In One Glow
Medium coverage- TARTE Rainforest Of The Sea Foundation
Full coverage- ARMANI Luminous Silk Foundation

Oily skin
Light coverage- BOBBI BROWN Skin Foundation
Medium coverage- LOREAL- Nude Magique Cushion
Full coverage- ESTEE LAUDER- Double Wear

Dry skin
Light coverage- NARS- Sheer Glow Foundation
Medium coverage- CHARLOTTE TILBURY- Light Wonder Foundation
Full coverage- TOO FACED- Born This Way



Where did foundation come from?
Foundation started with the ancient Greeks. The paste they used made them look whiter but it was very high in White lead which caused serious illness. From this, actors used to use a skin coloured paste to hide where their wig line met their forehead. This was used by actors all over the world. In 1924 Max Factor improved on this formula.

What things to avoid?
Some people tend to buy a shade darker than their natural skin colour to try and darken them up a bit, but this will most likely leave you with a foundation line if not blended properly.  The right thing to do is to get the shade that matches your skin and then use a bronzer to darken yourself up.

What I’m using
I have normal to combination skin and I love ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear.

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