Staying In The Marina Bay Sands Hotel

While backpacking it happened to be my birthday, so my best friend booked us a night at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. This was a real treat as we had been staying in hostels for the past month. The price of the hotel was a weeks hostel money but, never the less, we splurged and it was so worth it.

Early evening we walked into the grand lobby and soon realised we looked very out of place. We were wearing our worn backpacks over our vest tops which read ‘same same but different’ and had no makeup on. We were directed by a lovely man to check in, so we hurried to the desk to avoid being seen and judged by all the wealthy guests of the hotel.

Once checked in, we made our way to the lifts which we very luxurious and if we were impressed with the elevator then you can imagine how impressed we were by the room. Walking in the light smell of frankincense filled the space. The biggest smile appeared on my face when I saw the size of the shower.

The curtains were closed, and as we were so high up we were both eager to see the view, so we both grabbed a curtain each and went to pull them open at the same time to reveal the view, but the curtains wouldn’t open. We pulled on them and couldn’t figure out why they weren’t moving. After taking a step back and looking at the curtains we tried again, but this time pulling harder until we heard a crack. We both looked at each other in horror and left the curtains alone.


A while later Lara found a remote which she thought would control the tv, so she pointed it at the television and pressed a button, but to our surprise, the curtains started to open. Except they didn’t, correctly. They opened and closed in this juddering motion that was clearly not right which was something that all our tugging had caused, so she quickly pressed the button again to stop the juddering and placed that remote in the drawer.  At least the curtains were slightly open, so we actually got to see a little of the fantastic gardens down below.

After mooching around the room, I could wait to hop in the large shower and let the water run over my face. It was terrific to have good water pressure after staying in a multitude of basic hostels. I must have been in there for what felt like 20 minutes. It was also nice not to have a shower curtain sticking to my backside every time I moved.

Both of us spent ages getting ready to go up to the rooftop bar, as we were reluctant to leave the beautiful hotel room. I think it was the first night in two weeks we put makeup on. Just as I had finished dressing, the hotel door knocked. Lara and I looked at each other with a confused expression. I answered having no idea who it might be, but to my delight, it was one of the hotel staff that brought a beautiful little birthday cake up to the room. I thought this may have been Lara’s doing but she assured me it wasn’t, so it was a lovely little surprise from the hotel which was very much appreciated. As we hadn’t eaten and were both extremely hungry, we cut the cake in half and practically inhaled it.

Once checking our faces for cake residue, we made our way to the very chic rooftop bar. As we stepped outside, the breeze that flew through mine and Laras freshly done hair was refreshing to say the least. It also undid all of our hard work to get it looking good, but we didn’t care.

I went to the bar and ordered us both a cocktail which was delicious and very strong. The music was very chilled and house-like. We sat and chatted for a good hour as we sipped our delicious cocktails that neither of us could really afford, but hey ho, we could get run over by a tuk-tuk tomorrow.

As it was so expensive on the rooftop we decided to eat elsewhere.  Feeling very tipsy and equally hungry we left the rooftop bar and took a short walk to the Marina Mall to find food. We found the food court. We laughed about the difference in our restaurant choice to the other people around us. Although it sounds boring, after eating, we were both hit with a wave of tiredness and all we could think about was the perfect beds waiting for us.

There is nothing better than crawling into bed when you are exhausted, and I honestly think that before my head touched the pillow, I was asleep.

The next morning I woke bright and early at around 5.45 in the hope I would catch the sunrise over Singapore from the rooftop pool. The pool opens at 6am, so I made sure I got there for then so that I could get a prime spot in the pool, because as I’m sure you can imagine, everyone has the same idea. It was so hard to drag my self out of the luxurious bed, but it was worth it. I shivered all the way to the pool, but once I got in the water, I was fine. I didn’t actually get any pictures of this for two reasons: 1. I was in the pool and didn’t want to risk dropping my phone and 2. I am continually taking pictures, so for once I just wanted to be completely present. I am so glad I was as it indeed was a magical sunrise.

Soon after this, it started to warm up. I stayed in the pool,  as once the crowd had got their photos with the sunrise, they got out, so I pretty much had the pool to myself. I did a few lengths and then spotted Lara who had managed to drag herself out of bed, so I went and sat on a sun lounger with her.

Unfortunately, we had to check out by 11, so after spending a few hours at the pool we headed downstairs to pack our things and get a shower.  Before we knew it, it was time to leave, but I guess time always flies when you are having fun.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel was a brilliant birthday stay and it had the most incredible facilities on offer. I only wish we could have stayed there for longer, but I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to have stayed there once.

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