Spending Christmas Day On Mystery Island

Mystery Island is a small uninhabited island that is only used as a cruise ship destination. This island has 2 things, a few huts for overnighters, and some modern amenities for cruise passengers. Other than that, it’s just white sand and a sapphire sea.

What I did
Being from England I am used to spending Christmas wrapped up in blankets with a cup of mulled wine and a mince pie, but this year was very different. I got to spend Christmas day on Mystery Island. 

I woke up on Christmas Day around 9 am to the sound of my room-mate singing Jingle Bells. We had bought each other a little something, so we both sat cross-legged on the floor and exchanged gifts with Christmas tunes playing in the background. 

About an hour later, with my bikini on and sun cream at the ready, myself and a few others made our way to the beach, which you come to immediately as you disembark the ship.  The first thing that struck me, and a sight I will never forget, are seeing the hundreds of people stood on the beach in swimwear with their Christmas hats on.

The weather was perfection! Hot, sunny, and a light breeze. Although the breeze was lovely, it was definitely the reason we all got a little frazzled.  We found a great place to sit and marked the spot with a big speaker. The 12 of us made a circle around that and joined the others in wearing the Christmas hats. 

The sea looked irresistible so being a water baby, I made my way into the glistening pool pretty soon after arriving. It was crystal blue, cool and refreshing. There was hardly any fish, which for those people who get easily freaked out in the sea was a good thing. There was a large rock sticking out of the surface about 40 meters away from the sand, so I swam out to that hoping to see some marine life. I did but, only a few fishes.

Most of the chefs from the ship had come out onto the island and prepared food outside, so when it came to Midday, we all got to tuck into an amazing barbecue on the beach, which was a welcome change from my usual Christmas lunch at home. 

I felt so unbelievably lucky sat on the pearly sand, eating and listening to Christmas Carols with friends. I may have not been with my family, but spending the day on the incredible island with good friends was something I will never forget and I can’t imagine I’ll be having another Christmas like that one any time soon. It was a treasured once in a lifetime experience.

Things to know
Australian dollars are accepted, credit cards are not.

Handicrafts, sarongs, woven hats, floral shirts and other locally made items are available for purchase from the stalls on shore, and sometimes there is a lady that offers a hair braiding service.

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