My top three Elemis products

Elemis is a UK skincare brand that has cemented its name as one of the best skincare brands worldwide. With its award-winning scientific discoveries and patented ingredients, it is a favourite amongst many and also myself.
I started using Elemis when I worked in the Steiner spas, as Elemis treatments are what these spas specialise in. I was introduced to their wide range of award-winning products and was able to try most of them for myself, so today I thought I would share a few of my favourites with you.

Procollagen Eye Renewal
I have tried many eye creams in the past and have to say this is one of my favourites because I can actually feel the difference. The eye cream is meant to rehydrate and moisturise the eye area. Unlike the rest of our body, the skin around the eye doesn’t have pores so we have no sebum to protect this skin, which is why it ages first. The only way to protect the eye area is to hydrate and moisturise the skin externally. Eye renewal does that perfectly, my eyes feel and look hydrated, so it really reduces the appearance of fine lines and I also find it is brilliant at reducing puffiness.

Procollagen Lifting Treatment Neck And Bust
They say you can tell a woman’s age by her hands and neck, but because we focus all our attention on our face, we can forget about these very important areas.
This cream is specifically for the skin on our neck and chest area. It smells beautiful and is a nice peach colour. The cream has a luxuriously thick texture so you can feel the goodness as soon as you put it on your skin. Filled with Omega 7 and rich in fatty acids this cream is perfect for fighting against ageing and should be applied the neck and bust using upward strokes, in efforts to lift the area and prevent sagging.
I love this product and after only one month of using it for the first time, I could see a difference. The skin on my neck felt more moisturised, firmer and softer.

Procollagen Oxygenating Night Cream
At night, your whole body goes into repair mode, and so does your skin. Night creams are supposed to aid your body in this repair process. Elemis have made a night cream that is made up of antioxidants and avocado oils that give free radical protection. The cream contains Aloe that is rich in oxygen, which will help with skin suppleness and leave you feeling firmer when you wake up. With a lot of night creams, I find you have to just take the company’s word because there isn’t a whole lot of difference. However, this night cream made my skin appear bright, radiant and glowing the next day. So much so, a lot of the time I didn’t feel the need to wear foundation.

I would love to know if any of you have tried one of the three products listed here, and what you thought of it.

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