My first day at The Steiner Training Academy

The day starts with a 5 am alarm to be ready for 6 am. As you may be the only person in your room starting that early, getting ready in the hallway is the better option rather than hopping around in the dark. Unless you have very short hair, it is preferred that you style it in a low doughnut bun and as you don’t have your uniform yet, you will be wearing business attire.

Once looking like a china doll you will make your way down to the bus stop for 6 am where a coach will pick you up and take you to Steiner’s preferred private medical practice. It is here that you will receive your Norwegian medical. I did mine in 2015 and it cost me £250. There was about 20 of us who started on the same day so we all took it in turns to have it done as there was only one doctor. Whilst waiting, we all got to know each other and filled ourselves with tea and coffee.

After the main portion of the medical is carried out you will be taken to a public hospital where you will receive a chest x-ray which is pain-free and takes 5 minutes.



Once this is all complete you will be taken to the Academy. All the transport is organised.

We arrived at the Steiner academy at 12.30pm where we reunited with the others and enjoyed half an hours lunch. The time you have for lunch depends on how long it takes to complete your medical.

At 1 pm we were taken to an assembly room and filled in some forms. Next, we were to be fitted for our training uniform. A white tunic and trousers that I knew instantly, would be ruined within the first week.

For the remainder of the day, we listened to a presentation on the Company which explained what they expect from us during training, appearance standards, costs of things we may need while training and at the end we got to ask any questions we had. We were then split into groups that we would be in for the first week of training.



Coming back to Charter House all I wanted to do was crawl into bed, but I had to iron my new ice white uniform and read through all the papers we received that day.

The first day is a long ass day, there is lots of information, lots of questions and lots of emotions.

Don’t let it defeat you though because this is the first day of your new adventure.

Tips for the first day

  • The night before, have everything ready so you aren’t rustling about in the dark.
  • Be sure your business wear is crinkle free as they will call you out on it. There is a laundry room with ironing boards at Charter House.
  • Be sure you look your best. Slick hair, full make up, dressed to impress. First impressions matter.
  • Take a little picnic with you as there are no set meal times on your first day.


Hopefully, this has helped to give you an insight on what to expect from your first day at the Steiner Academy. I wish you every success, I’m sure you will smash it!


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