How to keep your white uniform looking sharp

The uniform you are given to wear whilst training is a white tunic and trousers. On the first day, it looked lovely, crisp and clean. However, the days are filled with practising treatment routines so your using clay, oil, lotions, seaweed and powders. So, needless to say, you don’t stay looking crisp and clean for long and you could tell how long someone had been in training by how grey their white uniform was.

Every night we would come back to the YMCA, have our dinner and then have to wash our uniform, and whilst there were washers and dryers, there were also 50 people needing to wash their stuff, so a lot of the time we would have to hand soak them in the sink in our room, hang them to dry in front of the window and then go downstairs to study.

I spent a lot of time wondering why the hell would they give us a white uniform but now I realise they do it because if you can keep that clean, you can keep anything clean. So, when you are given your ship uniform it will seem like a doddle to keep it looking good.

Tips I have to keep your uniform looking fresh:

Buy a white apron and wear this when doing any treatments. Mostly the uniform gets dirty because of splashes of product and its a lot easier to wash an apron that your entire uniform.

If you need to wash your uniform go straight to the laundry room before having dinner, as most people have dinner before doing washing so you have a better chance of getting a machine.

If you soaked the uniform in boiling water and hang it straight up, it will dry without any creases which will save you having to iron it.

I hope these little tips help you keep your uniform looking sharp.



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