Hopping Around Hobbiton Movie Set

Whether you have seen the films or not, the Hobbiton movie set is a beautiful place to spend the day. When here, you can really understand why the Alexander family sheep farm was chosen to host one of the most successful trilogies of all time. 

I personally love the Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit, so was ecstatic to be able to visit the majestic place it was filmed at. I went to Hobbiton with a ship excursion that cost me $50, which included getting there and back, and the tour around the set. 

The coach from the ship to Hobbiton took 50 minutes there and back and it is a very pretty journey through New Zealand countryside. 

Once there, we met our tour guide who would be taking our 25 person group around the magical farm. The tour started with the hobbit houses. They are so pretty, with the little round doors nestled into the lush hills. I love the fact that it actually looked like a hobbit could be living there, as there was washing hung on the line, and smoke coming out of the chimneys, which really adds to the experience.  We took our time going around the houses as we all had to get those infamous pictures stood by the doors.

We got to wander around The Shire as our guide pointed out where certain scenes were filmed and the most famous areas of the town. 

To walk around the whole set took about 2 hours. We then walked passed the very famous Mill to arrive at The Green Dragon Inn, where we then got to go and sit by the roaring fire and conclude our tour with a beer.  The day I went it was quite chilly, but if you happen to go on a sunny day I imagine sitting in the beer garden overlooking the enchanting Shire would be a great way to enjoy the exclusive beer.


If you are ever nearby, pop down to the Shire for the day. It is a remarkable place that is unforgettable.

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