Flying to my first ship from the Steiner Training Academy

Hopefully, between finding out where your going and actually going, you get a few days to prepare.

What to pack in your hand luggage?
Pack your hand luggage as if you will not receive your suitcase for the first few days of being onboard. Just incase the airline loses the case. Very unlikely, but it’s good to be prepared.

Flight details
Employment contract
Bank cards/ money
Driving licence
All technology and their chargers.
Universal adapter
Spare pants and socks
Uniform and shoes
Minimal makeup/ remover
Hair bands/ grips

How will I get to the airport?
Taxi, Train or Bus. This will depend on your budget.
If you take the bus or the train, be sure to go with plenty of time to spare in case of delays.

What will I need to pay for en-route to the ship?
Transport to the airport from the Academy.
Transport to the hotel at the other end or straight to the ship
Food and drink
The flight is paid for by Steiner, and the hotel at the other end if you need one.

What Airline?
Steiner will use any airline. They will generally book the cheapest flight which means normally even the shortest of flights will take longer because they try to cut costs.  This could also mean more than 1 flight as direct flights to destinations are generally more expensive.

Weight allowance

Be sure to weigh your bag before you go to the airport to make are you are within your weight allowance.

My experience
I was given a weeks notice before leaving for my ship, so I had a good amount of time to pack my things together and say my Goodbye’s. I still packed the night before though!

I spent £38.00 on a taxi to the Airport.  This meant I didn’t have to worry about delays which you are likely to get when using trains and buses but, the taxi was half an hour late, so that scuppered my plans a bit. Oh the irony. 

After the driver arriving late, we then got stuck in horrendous traffic. Thankfully I still got there with plenty of time to spare, but as I was flying to Australia, I was meant to be there 3 hours before flying.  I got there with an hour and a half to spare!  It was all very stressful but as soon as I got through security, I calmed down.

As it turned out, the flight was delayed by 3 hours so there was no need to panic. I spent this time calling everyone I knew to say my final farewell and getting more and more excited. I was most excited about spending a day with my best friend who had moved to Sydney a few months before. As the time difference is so large between England and Sydney, Steiner give you a day to get adjusted before joining the ship. if i was flying to Spain to join my ship I would join as soon as I got off the flight.  

I had been sat at the gate for a good 2 1/2 hours when we finally started boarding.  It makes me laugh when everyone rushes to the front of the queue to get on the plane first.  I’m like “Why”? You’re not going to get to the country any faster…

Being a lover of flying I was surprised at how nervous I was.  This was a 24 hour flight and the first time I had flown completely alone.  However I ended up sat next to a journalist who I spoke to quite a lot, which calmed me down a little.  I still couldn’t sleep at all.  The nerves and excitement had me feeling like I needed to go for a run, not a sleep.  I watched a few films instead. i watched my sisters keeper for the first time and then pitch perfect two. so, i went from crying uncontrollably and having water coming out of every orophis to laughing histericly, still having water coming out of every orophis. the journalist didn’t seem too chatty after that. she probably though i was on the verge of a psychotic break. maybe i was, i was flying to the other side of the world to live on a ship…

13 hours later we arrived at our half way point in Singapore.

We all disembarked the plane and made our way to the lounge to start the 2 hour wait for the 2nd half of the flight.

After joining the enormous queue to get into the ladies room I got talking to a lady about our reasons for going to Sydney.  I proceeded to tell her that I was joining a Cruise Ship and 2 seconds later a face emerged from one of the cubicles and asked “Are you joining Rhapsody?”

I nodded excitedly and she said “aahh me to”.

Her name was Anna, also from the UK.  She was a new recruit and going to work in the Casino.

We filled the 2 hour wait by talking about our excitement. That was the moment, in Singapore airport, that I knew I would be fine. we sat twisted so we were facing towards each other giggling like naughty school girls. we were both so excited we were no longer alone and even though we didn’t know each other, there is something to be said for meeting a fellow countryman when your half a world away from home.

The second half of the flight went rather fast, even though it was 11 hours long. I was no longer with Anna as she had to return to her seat. 

We landed in Sydney at 2am local time., I followed the crowds to get my luggage and then out of the airport.

the tiredness had really set in so as it was 3 am local time all i wanted to do was get a cab to my hotel and sleep.

I walked towards to taxi rank, scanning the sea of signs with various names and my eyes fell on a sign with “Lucy” written in bold in pink glitter with multi coloured arrows coming off it. as i lowerd my eyes i saw the my best friend,  My heart filled with excitement.  I dropped my bags and charged at the sign.   We hugged for what felt like forever.   It was the best surprise I’d ever had.  

After getting over my shock we got a taxi to the hotel that my Company had booked for me. Although we were both extremely tired, you couldn’t shut us up.  We both went into the hotel to check me in but they very apologetically told me that I was only booked in for later on that day, and couldn’t check in till 3 pm.   

i was annoyed because imagine if i didn’t have a friend here. i would of been stranded in Sydney with no where to go.

it was 4am, with ‘no rooms at the Inn.’  I left my bags there and we went to the hostel that Hannah was staying at.  We both collapsed in her single bunk.





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