Dubai Miracle Garden Guide

On February 13th 2013 the largest natural flower garden opened its doors for the first time. I think Dubai’s motto is definitely ‘go big or go home’, what with the tallest building in the world, the only seven-star hotel, and now, a record 72,000 square metre garden, which is home to approximately 100 million flowers.

The oasis has a large assortment of different flowers to keep your eyes and your nostrils busy. What makes this place very different from any botanical garden that you have visited before, is the magnificent flower displays that change annually. A few things stay, like the ‘Emirates Airbus A380’, which won the world record for the largest flower display.  Also the ‘tunnel of hearts’ which has made this place ‘insta famous’ because it is the perfect backdrop for those all important shots. The garden also has displays in the shape of giant Disney characters, houses, a castle and different animals.

There are beautiful seating areas all over the garden, that are decorated in flowers of course, and some look over little lakes, which makes for a great place to sit, people watch and have a drink.

The reason for changing the garden every year is to keep the locals coming back.  If it stayed the same, then there would be no reason for anyone to return, but their constant injection of innovative ideas keeps the people coming back.

Visiting the Miracle Gardens is a wonderful way to spend a day because it really is one of Dubai’s wonders, as there is nothing else like it. The garden is open weekdays from 9 am to 9 pm (Sunday to Thursday), but this could change so be sure to check the website.

Entrance fees
40 AED for Adults
30 AED for Children under 12

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