All about concealer

What is a concealer?
A liquid or cream that is used to conceal imperfections on the face.

What is a concealer supposed to do?
Cover blemishes
Hide dark circles
Brighten the eye area

How should I apply concealer?
It all depends what you want to cover, but normally I would draw a triangle under my eyes, put a little down the bridge of my nose, some in the centre of my forehead and some on my chin, then use my sponge to press that into the skin.   The reason I conceal these areas are because I want to brighten them.   Under my eyes and on my chin is where I have discolouration. 

What should I use to apply concealer
There is no right or wrong way, but the two main ways concealer is applied is by either using the ring finger to dab the concealer in, or using a beauty blender/ sponge to dab it into the skin.

When to use a concealer
Some people put concealer under the foundation, but nowadays the most common way is to put the concealer on top of the foundation.

What  concealer do I need for my skin type?

Normal/ combination skin
Tarte shape tape
Revolution conceal and define 

Oily skin
Laura Mercer high coverage concealer – full coverage drying
Maybelline – fit me concealer

Dry skin
Urban Decay naked skin concealer
Rimmel London – wake me up concealer

Mature skin
Lancome Effacernes long lasting concealer
Maybelline New York instant age rewind dark circle concealer

What is baking?
After applying the concealer and smoothing it into the skin it is advised to bake the concealer as this will help it last longer.  This entails dabbing face powder over the concealer and leaving it to “bake” while you do the rest of your makeup.  When finished, you can remove excess power with a brush.

What things to avoid?
Don’t over do it.  Putting on too much concealer can leave you looking ‘cakey.’  It is better to use a little, and if you feel you need more, build it up.

What I’m using
Revolution conceal and define.  This is a full coverage concealer that is amazing for the price! 

It leaves my skin looking brighter and doesn’t cake.

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