Bronzing basics

What is a bronzer supposed to do?
A bronzer should be used to add a sun-kissed look to the face. I see a lot of girls who want to look like they have a little more colour so they buy a darker foundation than their skin, but they then run the risk of ending up with the infamous ‘gravy line.’ I recommend getting the right colour foundation for the skin so it blends nicely into the neck, and using the bronzer to warm the face.

How should I apply bronzer
Bronzer can be applied all over the face but it is more popular to use bronzer underneath the cheekbones, around the edge of the forehead and along the jawline to enhance features.


What is the difference between contour and bronzers?
Contour products should be matt and cool toned, whereas bronzers tend to be warm and contain a bit of shimmer. Using this as a contour can make the features you were trying to make appear smaller actually appear larger, because of the shimmer.

Recommended bronzers
Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel- Bronze Universel

California Sun Glow Bronzing Pot Powder Clay

Benefit Hoola Bronzer


What things to bear in mind
Make sure you get the right shade. 
Just like the wrong coloured foundation can look awful, so can the wrong coloured bronzer.   If you are pale and you go for one too dark it is going to be very hard to blend, and that’s when you end up looking like a tiger. 

Too much shine.
Having a bit of shimmer is amazing, it makes you look healthy and radiant, but too much can make you look oily.   If you have an oily skin anyway, go for a bronzer that has minimal shine.  Dry skin can bump up the shimmer.

What I’m using
California sun glow
It is only £30, I have been using it every day for 4 years and I’m not even halfway through my 2nd pot. this is quite shimmery so bear that in mind if you want to give this a go.

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