Brixham Breakaway


Englands Southern coastline is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful sights to be seen… On a sunny day haha.
I went down to Brixham with my family for a little break away from reality. A long weekend filled with cliff top walks and picnics on the beach. Going away in England is always a gamble because the weather is so unpredictable, but we were very lucky and had a wonderful week of sunshine.

Brixham Harbour is made up of a collection of colourful houses all stacked on top of each other, creating a bright and very photogenic cove where you can enjoy a bag of chips and watch the boats, whilst smelling the seaside air. Filled with independent boutiques and lovely restaurants, the town has a very friendly and personal feel.

One of the places we ate, The Golden Lion, is a cosy little family run pub where the food is homemade and the beer is in full flow. Ran by a very welcoming couple, it is a warm and friendly place to spend an evening. After dinner, we decided to stay and partake in the weekly quiz. We were told that the general knowledge quiz was very easy and kids could do it. I beg to differ. We came last, but to our delight, we still walked away with a bag of sweets and a balloon.

We decided to go to Dartmouth one of the days, which is a short trip away from Brixham. We parked in Kingswear and caught the 10-minute ferry across the water to Dartmouth town.  To drive to Dartmouth would have taken an extra 45 minutes and cost more in petrol than it did on the ferry.  This beautiful beach town was overlooked by the Britannia Royal Naval College, which gave me Hogwarts vibes. Our day was spent walking around the charity shops and the nick knack shops which are my favourite kind of shops, and since it was sunny we had to try the ice cream which was delicious.

Catching the ferry to Torquay is something I would highly recommend. Especially if it is a sunny day. The ferry ride in itself is a lovely activity. Torquay harbour is thriving with shops, restaurants, pubs and parks. We had a wander around the shops and stopped to have a picnic in the park overlooking the harbour and watching yachts sailing into the distance. There is definitely more to do in Torquay that Brixham so if you are wanting more activity,  you may be better off coming to Torquay.

I had a wonderful week away down south. Time to recharge and get some well needed Vitamin- sea.


Tips to save money
If you are planning to go to Torquay from Brixham and your party is between 2-5 catching the ferry rather than driving will help you save, as the ferry is £3 per person for a return ticket and to drive there with parking would be a lot more expensive.  Also, the traffic can be slow at certain times of the day.  Alternatively, we caught the bus, which was £10 for the 3 of us, and a ticket which could be used all day.

Free things to do
Dartmouth castle
Kents Cavern
Walks at Berry Head National Nature Reserve

Things to know
If you’re a fan of fudge, the Sea Salted caramel fudge from The Fudge Shop in Brixham is to die for!
Elberry Cove could be like any Mediterranean cove when the sun is out.
Every shop and restaurant is extremely dog-friendly, even the more up-market places that you wouldn’t expect to be.
Fish & Chips at Rockfish was exceptional.

Favourite thing about the place
The colourful houses and the friendly locals.

Thanks so much for reading my first ever post! Please let me know what you think, I would really appreciate it. xxx



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