A Guide To The Isle Of Pines

A brief overview of the place
The Isle of Pines was named after its amazing pine forest and it simply is breathtaking. This island was discovered in 1774 by James cook.  The island was already inhabited back then, and now 140 years later, it is less populated than it was all those years ago and remains extremely protected by the tribal system.

What I did there.
As I stepped off the gangway on to this wonderland of pine I was left speechless. This whole place looks like it had a filter on it.  As the sun hit my face and the cool breeze blew through my hair, I felt a rush of excitement come over me. The beauty of this place was beyond anything I had seen and I had only just stepped off the ship. Passing through the small local market to get to the Kuto beach, I enjoyed looking at all the little home-made goodies that were for sale.

There is a tree-lined central pathway with white sand beaches either side. Along the path, there are various locals selling traditional food to the tourists and it is amazing.  I walked right to the end of the tree-lined path, looking up at the magnificent trees that had been there for hundreds of years and were at least 20 meters tall.

As I came to the end of the path, the beach was quiet compared to the first section, so I veered off to the right and perched down on the white powdery sand. 

I undressed to my bikini and sat close to the sea so I could feel the waves lapping my feet.

The contrast between the greenery and the crystal sea was stunning. 

A little while later, my friends found me hiding away in the corner of Paradise. The three of us sat in a line sunbathing, taking it in turns to sigh in complete relaxation. The sea was so transparent that, even my friend who is freaked out by fish swimming around her ankles, got in. As I got further into the sea the amount of little red fish was extraordinary!

When we got hungry we walked over to the local food stands underneath the trees to see what they had on offer. Freshly caught fish and rice were the main things, and whilst this may sound boring to you, it was exquisite. I could taste how fresh the fish was!  So full of flavour.  Even the rice was delicious.

The rest of the day I spent in the water thinking how lucky I was to be in such a perfect part of the world. I relished feeling the powdery sand between my toes and finding beautiful shells sprinkled along the beach.

Most popular excursions

A day at Le Meridian Resort
Take a 30-minute car ride through the pine forest and the yam plantations to reach this exquisite resort.  All the resorts’ sports and aquatic equipment will be at your disposal, as well as the pools and the private beach.

Turtle Bay and Brush Island
A scenic boat tour around the nearby bays.   You will be taken to Turtle Bay which is home to loggerhead turtles that are really friendly.  Also, walk along the white sands of Brush Island.

Kuto bay
Spend the day just a 10-minute walk away from where the ship drops you, on the wonderful white sands of Kuto bay.  The clear water and the powdery sand is sure to put a smile on your face.  Be sure to take goggles so you can take a look at the underwater world, that will blow your mind.

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Things to know
There will be local people selling beautiful food beneath the pine trees on Kuto bay and I would highly recommend trying it. 

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