A Guide To Tauranga

A brief overview of the place
The seaside town of Tauranga is an iconic holiday destination located in the Bay of Plenty region, in the North Island of New Zealand.
Tauranga has a very relaxed atmosphere with many outdoor activities that you can take part in, like tours to the white island, dolphin watching, surfing, game parks, diving and loads more.

What I did there
Disembarking the ship into the sweet little town of Tauranga, I felt so happy to be in such a beautiful part of the world. While backpacking I made a friend called Ashley who lives here, so it was very exciting when I found out my ship would be going here and we would be able to see each other again. 

Ashley met me just outside the port where we shared a long hug and started chit-chatting.  We very excitedly walked through the ‘surfer town’ to get lunch. 

Tauranga is filled with wonderful eateries and cafes so it wasn’t hard to find some amazing food to fuel us up for the day. Ashley took me to a place called Wave Cafe which served up the most fabulous smoothies and sandwiches you have ever seen.

After lunch, we walked to the sandy beach which was surprisingly empty considering there were two ships docked.  We popped our stuff down and then walked towards the sea.  Ashley walked right in, but as the sole of my foot touched the water I took a hop backwards as it was ICE cold. 

She gestured at me to get in, but it was so cold.  I gingerly took a few steps into the refreshing water and watched as goosebumps appeared on my skin.  I only managed to get up to my thighs before running away from a big wave and then turning to see if Ashley was there.  She was swimming about half a mile out to sea. I tried to get the feeling back in my legs by lying on the sand in the sun and kicking my legs dramatically in the air.  

By the time I stopped kicking towards the sky, Ashley came walking out of the sea like she was a ‘Bond girl’, with her surfer six-pack and her blonde hair.   

Once we had dried off, we walked towards the end of the long beach to the bottom of Mount Monganui and started to climb up.

The mountain is a popular way to see the city so was very busy. Ashley was telling me how she runs up and down it every day, while I was walking 4 steps behind her struggling to breathe.  It really is a lovely walk and worth doing if only for the views and picture opportunities.  As she is a local she took us off the beaten track to a more ‘outdoorsy’ track shall we say.  There was a little bit of rock climbing involved and a lot of ‘watching your step’ steps.  It took us 40 minutes to get the top, where there is a plaque that was surrounded by crowds of people trying to get a picture by it, to prove they made it to the top.

To come down we went the normal way which was nice, as it gave me a chance to see the view of the other side of the mountain.  Getting back down to the beach, Ashley showed me her surf club where she is in a team that competes in Surfing competitions, but she also works there as a lifeguard.  Her life sounded as if she was from ‘Bay watch’.  Then both of us slowly made our way back to the ship, weaving in and out of the boutiques.  She also showed me where she goes on a night out, and where the local council put on ‘drive-in’ movies.  She unintentionally sold the Tauranga life to me. 

Most popular excursions
Hobbiton movie set
Even if you haven’t seen the movies, or have but weren’t a fan, it is still an amazing place to see.  All the little houses built into the hills are so pretty.  You will be taken around and be able to see where each scene was filmed.

Experience Rotorua
Rotorua is a city that is home to amazing hot springs and boiling mud pools.  It is an amazing place to become one with nature as you partake in many outdoor activities such as fishing, mountain biking, white water rafting and bushwalking.

Climb Mount Maunganui
The mountain that’s peak is 230 metres above sea level is a very popular climb for the locals and tourists. The mountain had 4 different paths that you can take to reach the peak, so with every path you take, you get a different view of the beautiful town. 

Free things to do
Climb Mount Maunganui

New Zealand Dollar

English and Te Reo Maori

103,632 (2006)

Things to know
Your ship will dock at Berth Number One at the Mount Maunganui Wharves.

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