A guide to Noumea

A brief overview of the place
Noumea is the eclectic capital city of New Caledonia. Surrounded by beautiful bays, filled with delicious French restaurant’s and friendly relaxed people, it’s the perfect place to discover your inner sophistication and enjoy the beauty that this place has to offer.



What I did there.
Me and Tomomi, my lovely Japanese work colleague decided to spend the day together. 

The port is a 10-minute coach ride away from Baie de Citron (or Lemon Bay”) which was a perfect amount of time for us to decide what kind of thing we wanted to eat. 

We were dropped off right in the thick of it all. Rather than choosing to eat in one of the overcrowded tourist traps, we walked around the town for a little bit beforehand, wandering down all the streets and taking a look at where the locals live. We ended up on the beach strip which runs across the front of the shops and restaurants. After plonking down our things and stripping down to our swimwear we made our way into the turquoise waters. The sea was so calm it was easy to float and completely relax. The shallow seabed was made up of sand so I didn’t have to worry about slashing my feet on rocks like you have to in some seas.  As I looked down I could see all the colourful fish swimming around my legs. I submerged my head under the water with my goggles on to get a closer look at the red and blue fish that were surrounding me and Tomomi. 

Once fully relaxed, we made our way over to an Italian restaurant, I was hoping to find some traditional New Caledonian food but after searching for a while, we still weren’t able to find any.   The restaurant had olive vines hanging down, creating a shaded area just outside the front of the restaurant, which is where we sat. Enjoying our pesto pasta and the sound of chilled French music, we sat and people-watched for a long while which is one of my favourite things to do.

After using the wi-fi to call our families, it was time to head back to the ship.  Although it wasn’t a day filled with the most exciting activities, sometimes a splash in the sea, good food and a spot of ogling is all you need,


Things to do

The Tchou Tchou train
This open-air train is a relaxing way to see all the best sights Noumea has.  You will see Lady of the Pacific (a cross that stands 23 feet tall and a place of prayer). See the local markets and the military barracks that are over 100 years old, and the breathtaking blue lagoon.

Parc Foresteier- Cagou Encounter
Located in the hills that look over Noumea you will find this ‘one of a kind’ 85-acre nature reserve.  You will be able to see many different types of birds.

Le Marche de la Moselle
You can enjoy the hustle and bustle of this morning market which is right on the seafront.
Whilst mooching around, you can see the fishermen offload their catches from that morning and getting them ready to sell.   Also, the array of exotic fruits and French pastries will have you drooling.
La Buvette du Marche Bakery is famous for its coffee, so be sure to stop off here and give it a try.


Free things to do
Spending a day at the beach, either at Lemon Bay or Anse Vata Beach. 

French Pacific Franc.

French and Kanak dialects.

98,000 people.

Things to know
Be sure to book an excursion with the ship if you are going to be in Noumea on Saturday or Sunday because at 12 the town will ‘shut up shop’.

I would recommend having your underwater camera at the ready as the water is very clear and the little fish make for a stunning photo.

The favourite thing about the place
The crystal clear waters and of course, the French accents.

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