A guide to Maré, New Caledonia

A brief overview of the place
Maré is New Caledonia’s best-kept secret. When people ask me to compare it to somewhere I say it’s like Bora Bora, and we have all seen the pictures of that island. Maré is paradise basically, with its white sands, crystal clear sea and its gentle breeze, there is just no way anyone could dislike this exquisite island. This is an untouched beauty, so don’t go expecting lots of restaurants and bars because there aren’t many.  This is a place that will really let you escape the pressures of western life. 

What I did there
As this place (in my opinion) has one of the best beaches in the world, I had a beach day.   And what a day it was! After getting off the tender boat and making my way up the path into the marketplace, I was greeted by the local woman singing traditional songs to all the passengers.  They looked like they were having so much fun, I wanted to join in, but of course, I didn’t know the words. I wandered around the market looking at all the nick-nacks they had for sale and the beautiful colourful dresses that the woman on the island wore. I wanted to buy one but as I was already having to stuff things into my wardrobe from lack of space, I decided against it. The other half of the market was food.  Traditional food like honey fried banana and fish with jelly stuff.  

At this point, the beach was calling me so I made my way down to the whiter than white sand and found myself a little spot underneath a coconut tree.  Slipping my dress off and stuffing it in my flowery backpack I ran into the ocean – not gracefully.   The water was perfect, not too hot, not too cold, crystal clear and although there were some fish there wasn’t a crazy amount which was great. I was in the sea for 2 hours straight!  You couldn’t get me out of there.  It was just unlike any sea I had swum in before. 

I came out eventually to have some lunch and enjoy a beer on the beach while watching the local children playing in the sea and then after, yep, right back in.

My whole day pretty much was spent going in and out the beautiful water, people watching and drinking beer. The best day ever!

Things to do

Yejele Beach
From the ship, you can take a tender to this beach where you will pass a reef filled with wonderful colours. Once on the beach, you can swim, snorkel, or do a spot of sunbathing. 

Tadine bay
Tadine bay is famous for its cool crystal clear water, its perfect for a refreshing swim.

Free things to do
Once off the tender and arriving on the island, spending the day at the beach is free, and I’m sure will be one of the best beach days you ever have!

French Pacific Franc

French and Nengone

7,500 People

Things to know
Mare is all about relaxation and nature so there are few amenities.  The “few” include:
A market just behind the beach that you get dropped off at.  They accept AUD too.
A little cafe that serves fruit, beer and sandwiches.

The favourite thing about the place
How clear and blue the water is. Did I mention that?

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