What To Do With Your Day In Split, Croatia

Hey crew, the cruise ship I am working on has brought me to Split which is one of the many pretty cities in Croatia.

Walk into the city
The walk from the cruise ship terminal to Split harbour takes about 10 minutes. Along the way, you will find lots of souvenir shops. These are pricier than the shops found in the town. Also, just before you come the harbour front there will be a left turn onto a pier.  At the end of this pier, you will have a great view of Splits’ harbour front which will make for some great photos.  This is where I took all my photos.

Right on the harbour
The street on the harbour front is made up of pretty cafes and restaurants that offer a wide variety of food. A popular one is called ‘Brasserie On 7’ which serves a selection of well presented, healthy food, mainly specialising in fish and European dishes. Another restaurant along the harbour front would be ‘Re Di Mare’ which is an amazing fish restaurant that has won awards for both its beautiful food and stunning views.

Running along the middle of this busy street is a market that sells everything from magnets, lavender products, jewellery and clothes. Croatia is famous for its large number of lavender fields, so whereever you go in this country you are sure to find lavender products.

There are also benches sprinkled along the street right on the waterfront, so you can sit and watch the sailing boats go past.

At the end of the harbour, you will find a big square which is where you will find the Cathedral Of Saint Dominus, which stands proudly overlooking the city. This is one of the best-preserved pieces of Roman architecture still around and considered to be the oldest Catholic cathedral in the world.  Access to the cathedral for visitors is through a small annexe on the right-hand side of the building.  You can buy tickets here in the height of Summer, or purchase them from the multiple excursion shops dotted around the area.

Also in the area, there are lots of restaurants and shops which makes it the hub of the city.  If you choose to eat here you will pay tourist prices, but it is really lovely to sit and watch the world go by.  If you would prefer to go to a more local place, then you will have to venture further into the city.

Diocletian’s palace
The narrow windy cobblestone streets will lead you into the heart of Split, which is also where you will find The Diocletian’s palace. The palace was built over a period of 10 years in the 4th century using white stone. Marble was imported from Italy and sphinxes were brought in from Egypt.  No expense was spared.  This is a beautifully preserved piece of architecture that gets a lot of attention from tourists and locals, as surrounding the palace, is a maze of narrow streets that lead to courtyards.  Some are deserted and some are filled with lively bars and cafes.

During the day the streets are bustling with tourists passing through and having coffee while gazing at the Palace, and in the evening there is always a lot going on like live music and comedy shows.

Split is a great city with a lot going for it. If Roman architecture interests you and you think you would like getting lost in a fairy tale town, then Split is for you.


Croatian, but a lot of the locals speak English

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