Day Dreaming At Jumeirah Beach By The Burj Al Arab

Hey Crew

The ship I am working on is in the Middle East at the moment, and today’s stop was Dubai.  As we have stopped here a few times now, and I have managed to see the main tourist attractions, I thought I would do something a little more chilled and less touristy.

My friend Helen and I fancied a beach day and what better beach to visit that the Insta famous, Jumeirah beach. The taxi ride from Port Rashid took 30 minutes with mild traffic and cost us £6 each.
Jumeirah Beach is home to some of the most prestigious hotels in the world including the Burj Al Arab which is the only 7-star hotel in the world. The build on this hotel was completed in 1999, and since then it has been an iconic landmark in Dubai. When looking at the Burj Al Arab, the beach to the left of it is private, and the beach on the right is a public beach.

Since I was not staying in any of the hotels in the Jumeirah chain, I was unable to use the private beach, but I was more than happy to spend my morning on the public beach with all the locals.  The beach still has a great view of the famous 7-star hotel and of the Palm Island which you can see in the distance. The sand is white, very fine and leads into the beautiful blue water which has perfect waves for surfing, I’m told. Unfortunately, I can’t surf, but I did enjoy watching others have a go.

The beach is geared up for everything. There is a bar that you can order non-alcoholic drinks from, and small snacks, public toilets, changing rooms, showers and a place you can rent out water sports gear. So, if you wanted to come and have a surf but don’t have the equipment, then you can rent it out here.

While the sand is warm, the sea is cold, so the best way to get in is all at once. I tried to edge myself in slowly, but in the end I just had to brace myself and throw my body into the water. I had a little swim, but I was conscious of all the surfboards coming my way, so I didn’t go too deep. When walking out and you feel the sun hit your cold body, and it is a lovely way to reheat yourself in the sun.

The beach is very young and fresh as it attracts a lot of young adults, so it has a very chilled vibe. It is a great place to come and relax. If you’re a family and are wanting something more exciting for the kids, then it’s good to know that directly behind the beach is the ‘Wild Wadi Waterpark’ which is geared up for families mainly, but is excellent for anyone who loves water parks.

My friend and I spent the morning here. By lunchtime, it was getting too hot so we headed back to the cruise ship. The taxi ride was a lot cheaper going back to the ship because the port has a starting fare of £5 before you have even left, so it only cost £3 each to go back to the port. To be honest, we did come to the beach to get that all famous shot with the Burj Al Arab in the background, but the beach really does have more to offer than just its famous backdrop.

It’s a lovely place to spend the day, so if you have time while you are in Dubai, I would definitely check it out.

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